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Minutes of the Board Meeting of 2/22/24


Call to order – 6:45 pm, Barbara Wright and Jay Osborne, co-chairs, presiding

In Attendance – Faith Kenton, Jay Osborne, Dan Phipps, Ursula Roskoski, Debbie Stoloff, Carole

Williamson, Barbara Wright, Pam Wright.

Minutes of the Board meeting held on 1/25/2024 were unanimously approved as they had been

posted on-line previously for members to access and read.

Process – Barbara outlined the ongoing process for the completion of the policy guidelines.

A set of policy guidelines had been drafted at a special board meeting in December. These had been compiled in bullet point format by Barbara and distributed to the board for review in preparation for the current meeting. Faith also submitted a slightly revised version of the set of policy guidelines for consideration. These were also distributed to the board for review in preparation for the current meeting.

The purpose of the current meeting is to discuss both sets of the draft policy, share views

on what are substantive additions to the policy, and make changes or deletions where thought necessary. Going forward, the newly revised version will be circulated again to the board and also to the entire membership. Circulation to the membership will be done by email such that all members will be free to make suggestions anonymously. The board will again review and consider that input, make further revisions and resubmit to the membership for approval. It is expected that this process will take several more weeks.

Discussion of draft policies – There was lively discussion of the proposed draft policies, both

substance and wording; changes, additions, and deletions were made. Barbara will compile the changed version and resubmit, to be distributed as per the above stated process.

Next Meeting – TBD

Adjourned – 8:15 pm

Respectfully submitted by Ursula Roskoski, secretary

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