The Garden Club of Windham - Minutes of October 2022 Board Meeting

Updated: Nov 20


Abundant Life Community Church Meeting Room

Call to order - 6:08 pm In Attendance – Faith Kenton,Marty Lavoy, Sue Nosal, Ursula Roskoski, David Stoloff, Debbie Stoloff, Lynn White, Barbara Wright.

Minutes of 5/31/2022 -- Minutes read and motion made to accept, seconded and approved.

Financial Report – Garden Club Profit and Loss by Class statement was reviewed with discussion following. Motion was made to delete financial classes when the funds in that class have been used up, esp. re: grants received and funds used. Motion seconded and approved.

Proposed Budget for 2023 --The previous year's proposed budget was reviewed by the board members to allow for discussion and possible changes so that next year's budget can be generated for approval by the membership at large at November's meeting. Motion was made, seconded and approved to increase the membership dues to $20 per person and $25 per family in the coming year.

Slate of Officers for 2023 -- As Lynn White is planning to move and will not be renewing her position as president of the Garden Club and David Cornish is not renewing his position as chairman of the Membership Committee, there are three slots to be filled for the coming year: President, Chairman of Membership Committee, and Board Member-at-large.

Activities and Events -- These were informally discussed with the following points mentioned: Although the spring Plant Sale and the Open Garden in May were hugely successful, experience has shown that interest in gardening activities wanes in the autumn and it was proposed to engage in those activities in the spring time only; it was suggested that we may investigate the idea of joint meetings with other local garden clubs, such as Lebanon; that we continue to participate in the Tri-County Greenhouse Fill-a-pot activity; and that we have a social event such as the very enjoyable farewell- to-outgoing-president dinner last year at Coyote Flaco. New Website – Briana Hernandez is putting together a manual for users of the new website and will be encouraged to share this sometime soon. As she is not able to assist with on-going website management, it is noted that we have an opening for a website manager and are budgeting up to $1000 for that service.

Donation to the Garden on the Bridge Fund -- Suggestion had been made in the past but never followed up that the Garden Club donate $2000 to the Garden on the Bridge. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to donate $2000 to the Garden on the Bridge.

Final 2022 Membership Meeting-- to be held on Thursday,November 10. Place to be determined.

Adjourned – 7:30 pm

Respectfully submitted, Ursula Roskoski, Secretary

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