Minutes of Board Meeting 3/8/2022

Updated: Nov 20

Willimantic Public Library Community

Meeting Room

Call to order – 5:35pm In Attendance – Brian Taylor, Mike Culbertson, Jean de Smet, Nancy Churchill, Carole Williamson, Barbara Wright, Faith Kenton, Lynn White, Ursula Roskoski, Marty LaVoy, Sue Nosal, Ana Lozada Minutes of the meeting held on 11/9/21 were read and with minor corrections were unanimously accepted. Financial Report– Garden Club assets as of 3/4/2022reported by Budget and Finance Chair Jennifer Duchesne: Friends of the GOB checking – $71,674.61

Garden Club Checking – $13,379.30 Garden Club Savings – $8,495.88 Draft slate of officers – to be voted on at April meeting President: Lynn White Vice President: Barbara Wright

Secretary: Ursula Roskowski

Treasurer: Patty Spruance Chair, Membership Committee: David Cornish

Chair, Budget and Finance: Jennifer Duchesne

Chair: Wildlife Habitat: Pam Wright Chair, Public Spaces: Faith Kenton

Board Member at large: Debbie Stoloff

Board Member at large: Nancy Churchill

Additional Board Member at large: vacant

Website Manager: vacant Points of interest– Newly Upgraded Website – Much appreciation was expressed for the work that Brian Taylor is doing to upgrade the website. He proposed the following changes: WIX (a business account) would be the best choice for a web host providing many benefits including ease of usage, visually more attractive, consolidation of information, calendar for tracking activities, repository for document storage, and more.

Google workspace was recommended instead of Zoom as it is free for virtual meetings and free for emailing. It was also suggested that we get a domain name registration for our Club name – The Garden Club of Windham. The cost will be $288.00annually. A vote was taken and the proposal was unanimously accepted. New Website Manager on slate – Mike Culbertson generously agreed to be added to the slate

as the club’s website manager, partnering with Brian Taylor as needed. He has also expressed interest in helping with the Budget and Finance Committee and will contact Jennifer Duchesne.

Grant from Last Green Valley – Jean de Smet will be pursuing this opportunity.

CT Urban Forestry Grant – Mike Culbertson, with Faith Kenton,has submitted a grate to pursue this opportunity.

Upcoming Events

  • ECSU Town Wide/Town Pride – Saturday, April 23rd 10 to 12

  • Spring Fair at the Garden on the Bridge –Saturday, May 7th, 10am to 4pm. Rain date is Sunday, May 8th

  • Van Tour of Garden Cub-maintained gardens on the pollinator pathway –Sat., June 11 and Sun., June 12

  • Possible Plant Sale and Open Garden events to be discussed at next meeting

  • Next Meeting – The next Garden Club meeting will be Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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